Healthcare BI

Grow your practice with Healthcare Analytics

Several players in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, health providers, health plans and MSOs operate with vast amount of data. While many of them have mechanisms to efficiently organize and store this data, they are still facing challenges in fetching decision-aiding insights from these data.

This is where UBTI plays a crucial role, helping healthcare organizations in converting these data into decision-aiding visuals providing in-depth, meaningful insights.

UBTI’s Healthcare Analytics solution has been developed based on two decades of experience in organizing, exploring and understanding the healthcare data. The solution is fitted with interactive visuals and dashboards on critical KPI’s like length of stay, bed utilization rate, revenue, admission trends etc, to name a few. The solution saves the decision-maker’s time, company’s cost and fuels business growth and customer satisfaction.

Developed with the plug-and-play feature, this solution is flexible to be deployed in multiple devices and provides on-the-go access.

Key Highlights of the solution

  • Healthcare BI Meaningful Dashboard
  • Healthcare BI Revenue Analysis
  • Healthcare BI Referral Insights Processing
  • Healthcare BI Enhanced Service efficiency
  • Healthcare BI Improved patient care & attention
  • Healthcare BI Efficient staff allocation
  • Healthcare BI Patient progress monitoring
Healthcare BI

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