Azure SQL Migration

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Benefits of moving to Azure SQL database

  • tick-img Only pay for what you use without spending a lot upfront
  • tick-img Easy to scale up and down based on usage and performance
  • tick-img Monitor database utilization and performance
  • tick-img Automatic tuning feature manage indexes for enhanced performance
  • tick-img Database backups are all managed in Azure
  • tick-img No more operational overhead of managing a server (maintenance, security, patches)
Azure SQL Migration


Azure SQL Migration

Benefits of Azure App service

  • tick-img Flexible usage due to built-in load balancing and auto scale
  • tick-img Global scaling and high availability so there are no latency issues with multiple
    users connecting from different regions
  • tick-img Convenient insights on application traffic and resource utilization for better management
  • tick-img Versatile, multilingual framework supports Python, PHP, Java Node.js, and ASP.NET
  • tick-img Visual Studio Integration streamlines processes with a suite of efficient tools


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Azure SQL Migration Case Study

A Kenyan mission organization aspires to educate, empower, restore, and redeem disadvantaged children, families, and communities to transform lives through Christ. They serve thousands of kids with hundreds of staff members working in multiple facilities across the Kenya.

Over the last 5 years, we helped build a web-based application using, MVC and SQL server. The application consists of various modules such as Student Management, Sponsorship Management, Procurement Management, Action Item Alerts, Progress Tracking, and Reporting. The application was deployed and maintained locally. Over the last few years, the application had become the primary system for managing many of the critical operations in the organization.


  • tick-img Minimize the total cost of ownership
  • tick-img Address risks associated to hosting systems locally
  • tick-img Provide expansion capabilities more effectively, and efficiently
  • tick-img Applications must be mobile, scalable, resilient, and agile

Azure SQL Database and Azure App Service were selected among the many other Azure PaaS initiatives to digitally transform the organization. This provided the infrastructure with 99.9% uptime, secure access, and easy integration with external systems.

The cloud migration delivered scalability, resiliency, and agility with none of the headaches of hardware and system software upgrades.

UBTI Azure Expertise

Our team conducted the following research before migrating them from SQL Server 2012 to Azure SQL database.

  1. Some features and functions in SQL server are not available in Azure SQL. We used Azure Data Migration Assistant to identify potential compatibility issues.
  2. Establish how to address compatibility issues with cross database references, database emails, etc.
  3. Identify the region from which users connect the most, that helps to identify the location to host your Azure SQL database to avoid latency issues. Consider geo-replication if application is accessed across the globe.
  4. Azure SQL database follows UTC time, even if it is hosted in a different time zone. We made the necessary adjustments for uniformity in data before and after migration.
  5. Identify the alternative approach for SQL Agent jobs.
  6. Databases with more extract, transform, load (ETL) operations using SSIS require an evaluation prior to moving into Azure. In this case, we used Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps can be used to rewrite SSIS packages.
  7. Identify the current usage of SQL server and the scale in which it needs to be migrated. Pinpointing the correct scale will help us estimate the cost of the SQL Database.
  8. Select the necessary environments for the client in Azure. Each database in Azure SQL will cost the same if we go with the same single instance database for all. Our team evaluates the usage of each environment and scales the resources based on the requirements.
  9. Locate the environments where an elastic pool database can be created to have better resource utilization and reduce expenses.
  10. Identify the list of security measures required for Azure SQL database and the best ways to establish a connection between Azure SQL database and application.


We completing the project by leveraging our experience in Application and Database Migration to Azure, modernizing the application to be robust, safe, and secure with scalability, resiliency, and agility.

Here is the result: the client can now proactively manage their application with real-time monitoring of performance.

Azure SQL Migration

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