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Other Industries

UB Technology Innovations, Inc (UBTI) has been making software smarter and more efficient for more than two decades, providing businesses with better visibility and access to their data. Our technology experts are available to deliver end-to-end solutions, or supplement internal resources on a project basis. We offer affordable, top-notch support whether we are working from our offices or yours.

Industries we have served

  • Aerospace
  • Asset management
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • providers
  • Scientific research
  • … and more

Every industry has different requirements. That’s why UBTI offers a proven framework that can be extended to address your organization’s unique challenges. A few of our most popular solutions are below.

Other Industries


Intuitive analytics dashboards with high level charts, action items, and reporting allow users to conveniently view data from multiple sources in one place. Each automated component can be drilled down to see the details that were automatically aggregated and pushed to the dashboard.

Other Industries


Gets your data working in unison and speaking the same language in an organized structure. We utilize the optimal data migration practices for data discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming, and delivery, allowing users to query valuable and actionable information on demand.

Other Industries


Reduce costs and turnaround time with a user-friendly reporting system. Based on trusted data delivered in the appropriate format, these services complement existing reporting workflows, taking them to the next level with advanced scheduling and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Other Industries


Ensure all deliverables exceed the most stringent quality standards through independent, cost-effective, on-time, and zero-defect testing services. Our test offerings are built on a solid quality framework of defined processes and end-to-end test engineering solutions.

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