Modernizing Legacy Systems

Modernizing Legacy Systems

In the fast-paced world of asset management, firms are constantly toggling between an array of capital markets software. These applications are the caretakers of critical data for front, middle, and back office operations. The tools available to asset managers have come a long way over the years, and they can be seamlessly integrated by deploying proven reusable components and plug & play templates. In essence, they make doing your job easier.

Since 1996, UB Technology Innovations (UBTI) has helped companies set up modern and intuitive systems. This can be achieved by reengineering existing applications/databases or by upgrading to a newer version.

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Modernizing Legacy Systems

Many financial firms relying on Excel, Access, older versions of SQL server, and other legacy systems are modernizing to increase efficiency and stay competitive. Older applications don’t play well together, which can result in bottlenecks and discrepancies. They may have expired support or are even unable to conduct audits of data sources or user updates.

Contact UBTI today to embrace capital markets business intelligence and modernize your firm’s technology. It starts with a conversation.

UBTI makes the transition easy. We start by listening to your needs and discussing your current arrangement. Then we propose a cost-effective plan for upgrading your systems. Our experienced staff will serve as an extension of your in-house team during the upgrade process, allowing for a seamless transition. Your team is then provided with training and support so your firm can enjoy the new system worry-free.

Upgrading Technology Is Simple

Consultation with UBTI

Review proposed action plan

Seamless transition to upgraded system

Receive training, user guides, and dedicated support

Modernizing Legacy Systems
Enjoy a modern and efficient new system


UBTI has been serving clients for more than 20 years. We have offices in the United States and Asia Pacific and strictly follow industry best practices for security and functionality. Asset managers rely on our services every day for timely insights on billions of dollars of positions.

We are technology experts in the asset management field and can quickly understand your needs and guide you to the optimum solution. We often hear our clients say, “We wish we would have done this sooner!” Contact us today to learn about upgrading your technology toolbox.