Financial Reporting and Analytics Solution

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Generating ad hoc reports is time-consuming for asset management firms. It can be challenging for technology teams without a streamlined system to keep up with requests for valuation, risk, and analytics reports.

Fortunately, there’s a proven solution to speed things up. UBTI’s Financial Reporting & Analytics Solution (FRAS) seamlessly integrates internal and external applications to provide an analytical view of executive dashboards, reports, and drill down details.

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Portfolio Visibility On-Demand

Financial Reporting and Analytics Solution

The dashboard shows essential data from multiple applications, all in one place.

The FRAS solution is easy to use. UBTI sets it up by integrating separate systems such as CRM, trading, and accounting, to name a few. The firm’s users are then assigned specific levels of access rights depending on their role. The users can now view essential data from numerous systems all in one place, bringing efficiency and clarity to the decision-making process.

This streamlined reporting solution allows asset managers to see the information they need, when they need it. It also frees up the technology teams’ time so they can focus on long-term projects rather than scrambling to generate reports.

With FRAS, asset managers can generate reports themselves without going through tech support. Eliminating that turnaround time allows managers to concentrate more on investment decisions, and the tech team to set their focus on transformational projects. Firms switching over to FRAS from inefficient spreadsheet-based reporting will see an even more significant improvement in their reporting process.

Generate Reports with Just a Few Clicks

Financial Reporting and Analytics Solution

Users can quickly display graphs and run reports on critical information such as:

  • Asset allocation
  • Sector analysis by industry
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Transaction / commission report
  • Performance
  • Portfolio summaries by asset class or security type
  • Holdings by sector/industry
  • Exposure by country/currency

About UBTI

UBTI has been serving clients since 1996 and has offices in the United States and Asia Pacific. Asset managers rely on our services every day for timely insight on billions of dollars of positions.

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