Hospital Analytics Dashboard

Monitor healthcare metrics from revenue & expenses to readmissions, claims, and more.

The healthcare industry is inundated with data – revenue, expenses, inpatient admits and discharge, bed utilization rate… you name it. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for management to make sense of it all. Many hospitals, health providers, health plans and MSOs are now using clever hospital analytics dashboards powered by business intelligence to unveil actionable insights from their stockpile of data.

Our hospital analytics are the result of two decades’ experience organizing and integrating data for the healthcare industry. The interactive graphs make it a breeze for you to analyze patient visits, for example, by learning what’s driving admits to hospitals and the associated costs of those admits. The data can be segmented by age, gender, ER visits, and more. Rather than crawling through endless data, healthcare analytics empower you to quickly make data-supported decisions that reduce costs, improve service, and propel growth.

This flexible plug-and-play solution can be viewed on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets for easy access on-the-go.



Enjoy instant access to:
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Real-time data in a convenient dashboard
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Revenue and expense analytics
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Easy segmentation for targeted insights
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Referral trends
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Reduced cost per hospital admission
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Improved patient care and monitoring
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Efficient staff allocation
  • Hospital Analytics Dashboard Patient progress monitoring

If you would like to see how our hospital analytics dashboards work, please contact us for a free online demonstration.

Hospital Analytics Dashboard

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