Data Integration & Migration

Greater Organizational Effectiveness

Businesses and government agencies operate in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, relying on a variety of applications and source files that hold critical information about products, services, customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. Unfortunately, these systems often hold inconsistent, fragmented, and duplicate information. Unless the data is properly integrated and made accessible, making informed strategic and operational decisions will be difficult.

System Transformation

UB Technology Innovations, Inc (UBTI’s) technology consultants streamline data integration efforts so you can remain agile in a dynamic environment. Data integration is the aggregation of data from disparate sources and stored in a data warehouse or central database. A high-performance data integration solution will efficiently refresh the central database so you can query and gather valuable and actionable information on demand.

UBTI can create an integrated infrastructure that provides the right data at the right time with services that include Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Enterprise Information Integration (EII), Data Quality Assurance (DQA), and data management services, including Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

UBTI partners with clients to fully understand both their business and IT strategy. Then we provide a comprehensive solution that includes reliable, efficient, and easy-to-maintain processes to serve both your short and long-term objectives. We have at our fingertips the most advanced integration and migration tools and methodologies available for your benefit. We apply best industry data migration practices for data discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming, and delivery. We resolve inconsistencies among divergent source files with universally accepted business rules governing ETL processes.

UBTI expertly performs data integration and migration services on-demand across multiple sources and targets, satisfying complex requirements with the best scalable runtimes available inside a secure environment. By embedding specialized integration and migration components in the base architecture we will optimize your data integration infrastructure so it can be more scalable, flawlessly process higher data volumes, and better leverage system resources for higher return on investment.

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