Cloud Migration Services

Optimize your infrastructure with an Azure cloud migration

The cloud is more agile and cost effective than on-premises data storage. You know it. Your competitors know it. Companies are migrating to the cloud in droves to:

  • Cloud Migration Services Modernize Infrastructure
  • Cloud Migration Services Simplify IT
  • Cloud Migration Services Reduce the cost of running a business
  • Cloud Migration Services Access apps and data on virtually any device

Even though cloud computing is now commonplace, you may find yourself wondering…

It may work for others, but does the cloud make sense for my business?


Usually the answer is yes. Our process starts with an assessment of your firm’s infrastructure, software, and applications to determine if it’s a good candidate for an Azure cloud migration. We also determine the costs involved early in the process.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we are especially adept at migrating applications based on Microsoft technologies . If your firm uses Microsoft Office or other MS applications, then you are an ideal candidate to shift to the cloud with an Azure SQL migration or Azure web application migration. We can shift your non-Microsoft applications into the cloud too, of course.

Microsoft Partner - Gold Application Development & Gold Data Analytics
Can I keep my existing software and databases if I migrate to the cloud?


database for Azure SQL migration

Often times you can, however some may become obsolete. We’ll review your environment and let you know if upgrades are necessary to migrate to the cloud. A key part of our service is determining if changes are needed. A positive byproduct of this process is that it ensures your firm will be running modern, lightweight programs – which will be updated automatically.

Is migrating to the cloud an all-or-nothing scenario?


Nope, you can move to the cloud at your own pace. Most cloud migrations start with a hybrid approach by moving select workloads, such as email, and going from there.

Cloud Migration Services

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