CAPSTONE Quality Mangement

Streamline the audit process

The Quality Management module offers a unified view of quality initiatives throughout your organization. It provides convenient visibility into your existing systems, suppliers, and ERP so audits can be conducted with ease. Having access to this central hub of data allows users to simply point and click to demonstrate compliance.


Audit management doesn’t need to be a manual, cumbersome process. This CAPSTONE module has full reporting capabilities, making it much easier to demonstrate adherence to AS9100 8.5.2 (Corrective Actions), AS9100 8.5.3 (Preventative Actions), and AS9100 7.4.1.a (Supplier Scope of Approval).

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminate manual, spreadsheet-based processes and the errors that come with them
  • Role-based access keeps users informed of the appropriate quality initiatives
  • Handle customer, internal, and supplier Corrective Action Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Streamline the internal and external audit process
  • Deploy closed loop process for enhanced traceability and reporting
  • Conveniently integrates with CAPSTONE’s Alert Management, Program Performance, and Supplier Performance modules

Aerospace audits don’t have to be a hassle. With CAPSTONE, firms can access a central dashboard to oversee all of their quality initiatives in one place.

CAPSTONE Quality Mangement

Simplify compliance management.