Financial Reporting & Analytics Solution

Spreadsheet-based reporting is time-consuming and makes sharing information a hassle. It can be challenging for technology teams without a streamlined asset management reporting system to keep up with requests for valuation, risk, and analytics reports.

Fortunately, there’s a proven solution to speed things up. UBTI’s Financial Reporting & Analytics Solution (FRAS) integrates your internal and external applications to display capital markets data analytics in a central dashboard. When a particular graph piques your interest, you can just click on it for drill down details.

Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

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The dashboard shows essential data from multiple applications, all in one place.

The FRAS solution is easy to use. UBTI sets it up by integrating separate systems such as CRM, trading, and accounting, to name a few. The firm’s users are then assigned specific levels of access rights depending on their role. The users can now view essential data from numerous systems all in one place, bringing efficiency and clarity to the decision-making process.

Enrich Your Financial Reporting

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Users can quickly display graphs and run reports on critical information such as:

  • Asset allocation
  • Sector analysis by industry
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Transaction / commission report
  • Performance history
  • Portfolio summary, by asset class or
  • security type
  • Holdings by sector, industry,
  • Exposure by country, currency
  • Reference data listings

Ready to enjoy the convenience of a streamlined reporting system?

Reduce turnaround time and lower costs.